Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Restaurant, Wildwood Family Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurant, Wildwood Restaurant & Bar Wildwood NJ, Wildwood New Jersey, New Jersey Restaurants, NJ Restaurants Welcome to Menz Restaurant where our Family Tradition continues. Our time test recipes treat out visitors daily. Daily Specials feature fresh fish specials change daily including weak fish, bluefish, salmon, tuna, cod, mahi mahi and Mako. Full Takeout available. The Menz Family Tradition Continues. Back in 1926, William Hennis had something on his mind. His 19-year-old grandson, Franklin Menz, was in the hospital for an extended period, and had lost a leg to cancer. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants, Wildwood Bars with live music Fearing that Franklin had little to look forward to, and knowing that - in those days - finding a job would be difficult, Granddad Hennis decided to give him a piece of ground he owned on Route 47 in Millville. His hope was that Franklin could make himself a little business, and have something to do with his time. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants,Wildwood Bars with live music Sixty years and several moves later, Franklin's little business is still going. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants,Wildwood Bars with live music Franklin put that original property to good use, selling produce to passers-by. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants,Wildwood Bars with live music By 1930, he expanded his operation to a roadside stand, where he sold hot dogs and hamburgers and pumped gas at 12 gallons per dollar. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants,Wildwood Bars with live music In 1933, the bought a beer license (the forerunner of a liquor license) and began serving a "full" menu, which included 25- and 35- cent dinners. Wildwood Restaurants, Wildwood Family Restaurants,Wildwood Bars with live music Franklin's early waitress staff included a young Millville woman named Marie Quinn. Preliminary arguments showed they might be onto something, and in 1937 she took on the additional job of being Mrs. Menz. She brought several recipes to the family business, and more evolved through the years. Even now, her deviled crabs, cole slaw and banana whipped cream pie are favorite staples of their menu. When Route 55 came through the Millville area, their restaurant was a casualty of progress and soon after, Franklin and Marie brought their family to Rio Grande, where they bought Fort Apache, a recreated Old West town, and turned it into a campground. During and after this venture, they operated several businesses, but non we as satisfying as their original. In 1977, his children, now grown, were bitten by the restauranteurial bug, and Franklin and Marie found themselves back in the business, this time accompanied by Denise, Trudy and Jay Menz. They opened Menz's Seafood Take Out on July fourth of that year and added a dining room the following January. Like the buildings, the furnishings, antiques, bric-a-brac and oddities have been collected through the years, the restaurant is now a staple for "locals" and visitors alike. The restaurant's latest acquisition was the purchase of a liquor license on June of 2000. By July the new enclosed front porch bar was in full swing, including Happy Hour every Friday night complete with entertainment hor'doerves and specialty drinks. The Menz family is continuing the tradition born many years ago not too far away; to give people a good meal at a fair price and make them want to come back. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marie Menz 1916-2002 Marie Menz, a ka "The Duchess," was the hand that rocked the cradle and made the rules in the Menz family until her death in 2002. Wife of the late, great J. Franklin Menz she was the acknowledged matriarch of the family, "the iron fist in the velvet glove." The Duchess had a large circle of friends, mainly because she was at home with everyone. During her life, there were lean times and times of plenty, but she never changed. She was equally at ease with her well-to-do friends and her workers. A dignified and discreet gentlewoman, she was the unofficial Miss Manners for all who knew her: quiet and calm but unyielding, especially when pressing her case for doing the right thing. She was also known to channel Mae West from time to time. One of her trademark lines, a la Mae West, was, "It's better to be looked over than to be overlooked." And her big hats, big earrings and red, red, lipstick - she never was. (She kept her hair red, too, which she claimed was hers by her Irish birthright!) She was a devout pinochle player, hosing raucous games that lasted until the sun came up. In the various restaurants she opened and operated with her husband - and later her children - she preferred to work behind the scenes. Despite advancing years, she put in many long hours in the restaurant, until illness kept her away. There she was known for her efficiency and calmness, cutting through the sometimes frantic desperation around her with a quiet, "What do you need right now?" The Duchess lives on in the hearts of her family and friends, and in the restaurant's dedication to quality and good times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Franklin Menz 1907-1992 Frequent visitors to our restaurant may notice something is missing. The decor hasn't changed, nor has the menu. In November 1992, the patriarch of our caln, Franklin Menz ("Pop Menzie" to our younger visitors) ended a long life dedicated to good food and good works. For the benefit of those who never knew him, Pop held court near our cash register for the last several years. From a large recliner chair, he greeted old friends and welcomed new ones, explaining his left-handed handshake as "closer to the heart." Children especially took to him, particularly when he promised them lollipops if they "cleaned their plates." When children were bold enough to ask him how he'd lost his leg, he would regale them with a horrific - and completely untruthful - story of wandering into the street as a young boy when his parents told him not to. (When he really lost his leg to cancer more than 60 years ago.) In his cautionary tale, he described that he had lost his leg due to an errant truck. He'd end his story by looking the child right in the eye and saying, "You'd never go out in the street without looking, would you?" Pop was a large and friendly man whose ready smile and boisterous spirit survived his 60-year battle with cancer and fueled his rise as a restaurateur from his early start with a hotdog stand in Millville, New Jersey. One of the few things that troubled him was a child in need. He earned a reputation early as someone who shared whatever good fortune he had with those who needed it. If he learned of a child without shoes for school, or milk for breakfast, he reached into his pocket and the necessary item appeared. To draw attention to a group of children forced to make a dangerous walk to school, he escorted them in his wheelchair. Shortly thereafter, the school district provided a bus. Forceful and gruff, Pop was not what today would be termed "politically correct," but he was years ahead of his time in respected anyone who earned it - regardless of race or sex. And he demanded the same for himself. Anyone who underestimated him because of his wheelchair soon learned differently. He built businesses and bounced ruffians, and he was, in general, a learning experience to those who thought a wheelchair was a "handicap." His lifetime dedication to service did not go unnoticed, and he received many awards and honors over the years. The last came shortly before he died, when Governor Jim Florio presented him with the state's "Humanitarian of the Year" award. Representative William Hughes, Senator Frank Lautenberg and Middle Township Mayor Michael Voll were in attendance. But perhaps he would have been most pleased by the tribute he received posthumously at the end of the year, when he was named Honorary Grand Marshall of the Middle Township Christmas Parade. It was an event filled with laughing children and good will towards men, two of his favorite things. Collectibles Comprise the Decor of the Menz Restaurant As interesting as the history of Menz’s Restaurant are the many collectibles and one-of-a-kind items that comprise its decor. If you are a “veteran” customer, then you are probably unsurprised by the surroundings. To the new arrivals, however, we extend an invitation to look around. The place is virtually filled with antiques, natural wonders and relics. If you’re curious about an item, feel free to ask any of the people who serve you; if they don’t know about the item, they’ll know who will. To get you started, we’ve traced the histories of a few items here: Antique Wicker Baby Carriage Hand-Carved Teak Table The Antique Wicker Baby Carriage is at least 85 years old. We’re sure of this because it was Franklin’s, and before that, his brother, Albert’s. New, it cost their mother, Tihie Menz, $6.25. That was quite a sum back then, but Tillie was able to buy it on time, paying 25 cents a week. The Hand-Carved Teak Table is from China. Purchased by the folks who brought you Bromo Seltzer, it was imported to their family home in Baltimore and later brought to Philadelphia in 1876 for display during America’s centennial. Famous Explorer Statues Crystal Cut-Glass Chandelier The Famous Explorers Statues were made during the Depression by employees of the Works Progress Administration, a government- sponsored program designed to put America back to work. At least a few were put to work designing, carving and dressing these nine statues, which were donated to schools back then as visual aids. Notable among those so honored are Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus. The Crystal Cut-Glass Chandelier was imported from Europe to grace a home in New Orleans, then a plantation in Georgia. It later came to Cape May County, where it lit a local mansion for about 65 years. It was only recently converted to electric. Candy Counter The Candy Case on your left as you walk out the door originally belonged to the Lee family of Leesburg in Cumberland County. They used it to sell “penny candy,” a tradition we continue to the delight of small children and dentists everywhere. In addition, throughout the restaurant are many strange and exotic animals, including, a Two-Headed Calf that was born in 1975 in North Jersey and is recorded in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest living 2 headed calf. It lived 10 weeks. Also noteworthy is our own version of the Jersey Devil, a mythical animal who allegedly stalks our woods. Ours is a composite animal born of generations worth of hysterical descriptions. The Candy Store. The Children's Favorite Place. Relax and Enjoy Live Music on our patio. Menz Bar opens at 4:00 pm, Thrusday through Sunday. Friday is PARTY DAY!!, with our HAPPY HOUR starting at 4:30 pm. Our FREE, yes I said FREE Buffet starting at 5:30 pm. If that not all you need to have fun. We have LIVE MUSIC starting at 6:30 pm. Friday Happy Hour 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm (Reduced Drink Specials) Friday Free Buffet 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Firady and Saturday Live Music (See Entertainment Schedule) Menu Bar Late Night Menu We are located at 985 Route South, in Rio Grande, New Jersey. For Reservations or to reserve a room for a party or banquet, call (609) 886-9500 or (609) 886-5691. When reserving a room for party or banquet ask for Megan. SOUPS New England Clam Chowder Freshly made with whole milk, Hand shucked clams, and fresh vegetables Our Famous Crab Chowder Slightly tangy with a tomato base, Loaded with crab meat & fresh vegetables Chicken Noodle Fresh chicken & vegetables in tasty broth Baked French Onion Fresh Bermuda Onion in a delicately seasoned beef broth with a toasted garlic butter crouton topped with provolone cheese SALAD Aunt Madge’s Fresh Garden Salad-Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce, Cucmbers, Tomatoes & Carrots with choice of dressing APPETIZERS Mozzarella Sticks Served with our homemade marinara suace Shrimp Cocktail Clams Casino Jalapeno Poppers Clams on the Half Shell Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail Onion Rings Wingdings (Chicken Wings) Shrimp Jammers(5) Stuffed with cheese and mild jalapenos VEGETABLES Vegetables of the day Homemade Mashed Potatoes Baked Potatoes French Fries Macaroni & Cheese Stewed Tomatoes Pickled Beets Cottage Cheese Homemade Cole Slaw Apple Sauce Vegetable Platter (Choice of 4) Side Order of One Vegetable Spaghetti May be Substituted for Two Vegetables Side Order of French Fries SEAFOOD (FRIED) Fried items are dipped in fresh egg and whole milk, hand breaded with fresh ground bread crumbs, and fried in pure cholesterol free vegetable shortening Maryland Style Crab Cakes Made with crabmeat in our own special blend of butter, spices, sweet red peppers & onion Fried Seafood Combo Filet, Scallops, Shrimp and Maryland Style Crab Cake Lobster Tails French Fried 3 - 4 oz., top quality, cold water, South American tails Homemade Deviled Crab Cakes Mrs. Menz's original recipe of jumbo lump crab meat in a lightly seasoned creamy butter ruox Flounder Shrimp (5) Stuffed Shrimp, 100% crab meat stuffing Scallops Clam Strips SEAFOOD (BROILED) Clarified Butter is used in all Broiled Items Lobster Tails 3-4 oz. Top Quality, Cold Water, South American Tails Seafood Combo 1/4 lb. Lobster Tail (Top Quality, Cold Water, South American Tail) 1/4 lb. Scallops, Filet of Flounder, 2 stuffed Shrimp & 2 Clam Casino. Shrimp Stuffed with Crab Imperial Flounder Flounder Stuffed With Crab Imperial Scallops MEAT AND POULTRY Chicken Cutlet A 1/2 lb. tender chicken breast. Hand breaded in our seasoned fresh bread crumbs. Fresh Veal Cutlet Parmigiana Served with homemade tomato sauce and provolone cheese. Hand sliced on premisis Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana A 1/2 lb. tender boneless breast of chicken, hand breaded in our seasoned fresh bread crumbs, topped with homemademarinara sauce & provolone cheese. Cowboy Ribeye Montreal Style Steak is coated with a mixture of spices, salt, pepper, and pan-seared. Pork Chops Two 8 oz French style Center Cut Pan seared Montreal style Blacken Chicken A full 1/2 lb. of whole tender checken breast, coated with our special blend of spices and pan-seared Fresh Veal Cutlet Served with red or brown gravy Filet Mignon 9 oz. Choice center cut filet served with sauteed mushrooms. We will Butterfly well done orders Chopped Sirlon with Mushrooms or Onions Surf and Turf 2-4 oz. tails and 1/4 lb. center cut fillet served with sauteed mushrooms. Top Quality. Cold Water South American Tails. Breast of Chicken Whole, Tender, chicken breast, broiled to perfection.Served with cranberry sauce. Chicken Tenders Golden Fried Half of Chicken BEVERAGES Coffee Decaf Coffee Hot Tea (served in a pot) Regular Decaf Ice Tea Fresh Brewed (one refill) Pepsi Diet Pepsi Root Beer Mountain Dew Sierra Mist (Lemon Lime) Hawiian Punch Milk Chocolate Milk Alcohlic Berverages are also available (Must be 21 years of age or older) CHILDRENS MENU (Available for children 12 years of age or younger) Chicken Finger Special Chicken Finger Tenders served with French Fries and Apple Suace. Dessert is a Gaint Freeze Pop. Also includes an Extra Bonus of a Sweet Treat Bag worth 50 cents at our Old Fashioned Candy Counter. Shrimp Boat Half pound of Popcorn Shrimp served with French Fries in your own Shimp Boat. Dessert is a Gaint Freeze Pop. Also includes an Extra Bonus of a Sweet Treat Bag worth 50 cents at our Old Fashioned Candy Counter. Hot Diggity Dog A Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog served with a Cup of Chicken Soup and Potato Chips in your own Sand Pail. Dessert is a Gaint Freeze Pop. Also includes an Extra Bonus of a Sweet Treat Bag worth 50 cents at our Old Fashioned Candy Counter. Goin’ Fishin’ Fried Flounder served with French Fries and Apple Sauce and your own box of bait with crumbled Oreos and Gummy Worms inside. Dessert is a Gaint Freeze Pop. Also includes an Extra Bonus of a Sweet Treat Bag worth 50 cents at our Old Fashioned Candy Counter. Pasta Special Spaghetti with homemade Marinara sauce and a meatball. Dessert is a Gaint Freeze Pop. Also includes an Extra Bonus of a Sweet Treat Bag worth 50 cents at our Old Fashioned Candy Counter. Hot Dog Fruit Punch Chicken Finger Served with French Fries and Apple Sauce Spaghetti and Meatball (No Vegetable) Super Duper Kiddie Cocktail Shirley Temple Beverage Garnished with Sweedish Fish, Gummy Worms, and a Maraschino Cherry with a Pinwheel. Appetizers Shrimp Cocktail Jalapeno Poppers Onion Rings Wing Dings (Chicken Wings) Mozzarella Sticks (Severed with Homemade Marinara Sauce) Clams on the Half Shell Clams Casino Jumbo Lump Crab Cocktail Shrimp Jammers (Stuffed with Cheese and Mild Jalapenos) Dozen of Streamers (Prepared in a garlic white wine sauce) Chicken Tenders (Regular or Hot) Menz's Sampler Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Chicken Tenders, and Jalapeno Poppers SANDWICH'S Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich - served with French Fries Devil Crab Sandwich - served with French Fries MEAT and POULTRY LOVERS Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana A full 1/2lb of whole tender, boneless chicken breast, hand breaded in our own seasoned fresh breadcrumbs, topped with homemade Marinara sauce & provolone cheese. Fried Chicken Cutlet FRIED SEAFOOD Fried Clam Strips Fried Scallops Fried Shrimp Fried Flounder Stuffed Shrimp, 100% Crab Meat Stuffing Shrimp in a Basket Homemade Devil Crab Mrs. Menz's original recipe of Jumbo lump Crab Meat in a lightly seasoned butter roux. Maryland Style Crab Cakes Made with Crab Meat, our own blend of butter, spices, sweet red pepper & onions. All Platters include French Fries and Cole Slaw, Roll and Butter

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